The True Meaning of Christmas

The Birth of Jesus and the Origins of the Season By: Michael Patrick Barber
What does the Bible really say about the birth of Jesus? How did the celebration of Christmas become associated with things like Santa Claus and decorated trees? In The True Meaning of Christmas: The Birth of Jesus and the Origins of the Season, biblical scholar Michael Patrick Barber offers an inspiring look at the Bible’s accounts of Jesus’ birth and the development of the Christmas season. Along the way, he answers numerous questions, including: • How is the Christmas story related to ancient Jewish expectations? • Why is Jesus said to be laid in a “manger”? • Who are the Magi? • What is the mysterious Christmas star? • How did December 25th become the date of Christmas? • How did Saint Nicholas become “Santa Claus”? As Barber explains, though some of the answers to these questions may be surprising, only by understanding the message at the heart of Christmas can we fully enter into the joy it promises.
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