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The God Memorandum

The God Memorandum
The God Memorandum

The God Memorandum is a powerful and inspirational guide to achieving success, happiness and inner peace. Excerpted from the bestseller The Greatest Miracle in the World this book offers the reader the four laws of happiness and success: ‘Count your blessings’, ‘Proclaim your rarity’, ‘Go another mile’, and ‘Use wisely your power of choice’. •“...A work that will lift the mind and heart of every reader with powerful motivational appeal.” — Norman Vincent Peale •“Today when millions of people are troubled, uncertain, and confused - Og Mandino has the answer”. —Lester J. Bradshaw Jr., President, Bradshaw Associates, Inc. •“Og Mandino is back...He returns from hibernation with another means of inspiring each of us to be more than we are.” —Paul Harvey •Og Mandino’s titles have sold a total of more than 36 Million copies and have been translated into 22 languages.


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