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Catholicism and Fundamentalism

Catholicism and Fundamentalism
Catholicism and Fundamentalism

What is in this book that has led so many Protestants to convert to Catholicism? What truths are revealed that has caused so many lapsed Catholics to return home? Find out for yourself when you read Catholicism and Fundamentalism.

Learn the answers to questions like these:
Where do Protestants find information about Catholicism?
How extensive is the anti-Catholic movement in the United States?
How can you argue more effectively and not lose your peace?
What are some of the most ardent Anti-Catholic organizations?
What is meant by infallibility?
What is a Bible Christian?
Has Catholic teaching changed over the years?
Is Catholicism not real Christianity?
What happened during the Inquisition?
Was there ever a time when the Catholic Church had more than one pope?
Is the Bible inspired?
Are Catholics saved?
What books must be part of every Catholic library?


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